Consinstency / Slump of concrete always under your control

Posted on: 30 April 2019

Using our ED SM Slump meter system, you will always have the consistency and Slump of the concrete under your control. Call to arrange for a demo of the ED SM Driver onsite at your place of business or visit our office in Evansville, IN for a complete demonstration of this product. The slump meter […]

New Automation System for Conglomerate Plants

Posted on: 13 June 2016 The new version of automation for Conglomerati plants was developed on SCADA Movicon of Progea. The supervisor was born to manage a continuous plant for the production of asphalts. From the supervisor it is possible to manage both in automatic and in manual, all the utilities present in the system, excluding in this way all [...]

Mixed cemented on SCADA platform

Posted on: 4 May 2014

An automation system for cemented mixed plants Elettrondata has developed an automation system for cemented mixed plants and road surfaces. The automation can be installed on the latest generation PC or on industrial Panel PCs. The maximum configuration of the automation software includes 6 aggregates, 2 cements, 2 waters and up to 4 additives. The […]