The Mission of Elettrondata North America

Elettrondata North America’s mission is to provide a customer facing solution to the industrial automation industry dedicated to recipe control, new product development, truck mounted interactive slump monitoring, quality assurance, and tracking in continuous or batch production of

concrete, ready mixasphalt and precast materials

It is our goal at Elettrondata to perform at a superior level using our 40+ years of knowledge in this environment in order to provide our clients industry leading solutions to assist in producing superior concrete, ready mix and asphalt products.

Elettrondata inspires to provide the North American ready mix, precast and asphalt product(s) end user the best possible product(s) by working with and performing for the North America producer. We believe our unmatched level of hard work and dedication in providing and maintaining an automation system to our clients effectively reaches our ultimate objective…………….. a superior product for the end user!

Our focus is in providing a superior solution in automation

Our job is to assist our clients in providing a superior product to the end user.


Developing and engineering a method and process adaptable to continual technological innovations, limiting the obsolescence.

Propose solutions born to grow and develop over time faithfully following the changes necessary for each production activity that intends to remain competitive and innovative.

Investing in the continuous training of human resources to offer the best solutions by diluting the heavy investments necessary for the development of the application, not only on the single application, but on a large number of implementations.

To seek a strong partnership with our client integrating ideas, people and technologies to achieve results that are always better and closer to their needs.

Certified Quality

UL certified panel shop, moistures probes and weight instruments.